It makes sense that many are anxious about the release of Google Analytics4. Accessing its improved possibilities requires learning new techniques and shifting one’s perspective. There are a multi-part tutorial to using GA4 in collaboration provided by Google Analytics Academy.

GA4 is still a work in progress, which is an important truth. It’s not yet time to use it as your main analytics tool. There are certain crucial features that haven’t been made available yet.

  • In light of this, it’s crucial to consider how we define and perceive success. First, respond to the following questions:
    What do you consider to be your website’s three success KPIs?
  • What three website success factors would your supervisor or client suggest are important?
  • What three online acts, conversions, and actions would a customer deem successful?

Any webpage interaction in GA4 is considered an event. Events include user clicks, page views, purchases, searches, and requests; events can all be tracked. Something UA was unable to do.