Making it simpler to transition between your connected profiles on each platform and introducing additional alerts to entice you across are two ways, Meta is attempting to draw more users into its apps and increase their time spent on Facebook and Instagram, respectively.

Meta commented; “We know that many people use more than one of our apps to pursue different interests, reach a broader audience or share different aspects of who they are with different groups of people. With that in mind, we’re simplifying the process of creating and switching between accounts and profiles.”

In an effort to lure you to each platform, Meta is experimenting with a new profile-switching interface that displays how many notifications you have on each platform.

Changing Facebook and Instagram profiles
You will now see your connected IG account(s) in addition to your Facebook profile/Pages on the Facebook account switcher, making it simpler to connect the two.

That will also function the same if you switch from IG. Although they are not as useful as the activity markers Facebook recently attempted in Facebook Search, which show how many new posts profiles you’ve previously looked up have added since you last checked, activity notifications like these can help you stay on top of your alerts.