With our 360° Analysis to maximize your


Services, maximize your Return on Investment

Our analysis will track your performance, allowing you to focus on the business while we work on improving your metrics.

LOUD Ripple uses various reporting tools to measure campaign performance and analyze the data accurately to help you make decisions based on numbers and not just hypotheses. 

Tools such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Social Media Insights, heatmaps, and more, will help you visualize your audiences’ online behavior and trends.

Through studying your platform, we can assist you in connecting data to decisions.

We showcase unique insights by reviewing:

  • Custom KPIs and Marketing Measurement
  • Visitor Behavior and Session Analysis
  • Tag Management
  • CRM Integration
  • Monthly Reporting + Analysis

It all revolves your omnichannel performance to gather a holistic overview of how each channel is performing for better channel optimizations.

Get the most from your marketing program with our:

  • Website Tracking
  • Paid Search Tracking
  • Display Platforms
  • SEO Campaign Tracking
  • Social Media Tracking
  • Referral Tracking
  • Monthly Reporting + Analysis

To help you overcome your business challenges, we have designed a simple matrix that includes:

  • Media Mix Modeling
  • Search Based Market Intelligence
  • Paid Media Budget Analysis
  • Lead Scoring Models
  • Customer Segmentation

Our Toolbox…

Google Analytics

Accurate tracking and attribution are the first steps in digital data analysis. We go over the basics goals, filters, and views, as well as UTM parameters, before customizing GA to support your revenue goals and digital marketing objectives.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows us to control your pixel digital channels such as your websites and platforms . We can customize a unique trigger rules and user behavior that support the goals of digital campaigns thanks to the potential of centralized pixel management.

Google AdWords

Our funnel-focused perspective to analytics begins with robust conversion tracking. From phone calls and web forms to specific page visits and session analysis, we help you visualize the prospect journey to optimize for maximum revenue gains.

Meta Business

For the purpose of saving time, boosting connections with more people, and improving business outcomes, Meta Business Suite is a free tool that consolidates Facebook, Instagram, and messaging tools in one location.