Let’s figure out how to fix them!

When a company’s website is audited, a variety of problems might be found that, if resolved, could significantly affect the quantity of organic search traffic the firm receives. When agencies examine the performance of a new client’s website, they frequently find issues that the customer isn’t even aware of and can’t solve on their own.

1. Using an extensive number of keywords
It boils down to two crucial factors: the target market’s thinking and the stage of the sales funnel we are in with them.

2. Relying Too Much On Brand Search
Creating content that actually helps the client wins.

3. Lack of Clarity Regarding The Topic
The most destructive SEO mistakes occur when the material is vague on the specific topic or the area of the company’s specialization.

4. Ignoring the Core Web Vitals from Google
Although user experience optimization has always been crucial, website owners who are concerned with their organic visibility on Google now also need to be aware of its Core Web Vitals.

5. Website is not Mobile Optimized
The orientation, text, and content of many websites are improperly structured when viewed on a mobile device, despite the fact that they look fantastic on a desktop. The time spent on a website and the bounce rate are essential for a high organic ranking on Google.

6. External websites with broken site links
There are broken connections leading back to the company’s website on external pages, including social media sites that used to be linked and deleted articles.

7. Failing to Frequently Add New Website Content
Many clients develop content for their websites with the mindset that it is “one and done,” but if they were to start a blog where new, keyword-rich content could be posted, they would benefit slightly from a boost from the search engines.

8. Poor Keyword Integration Practice
The ideal solution is to work with an SEO expert who will analyze the website and make optimization recommendations.

9. Ignoring the search terms that potential customers use
Take into account the keywords that potential customers are using to find you. The terms “top mom influencer roster” and “full-service influencer marketing agency” could both be used to refer to the same organization, although being objectively different.

10. Ignoring How The Mobile Site Appearance
People always see their website on a laptop, not realizing that at least 50% of their visits come from mobile devices. Any successful marketing campaign must have a functional mobile website.

11. Using Repetitive Content
Duplicate content uploaded is a specific SEO mistake we discover. Now since Google will often only rank one page on your site for a given search, that content is in direct competition with itself.

12. Slower Page Loading
When doing site audits for clients, the most frequent mistake we find is a slow page load time. Having a page that loads quickly is crucial. Caching and enabling compression for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files are the best ways to remedy issue.

13. Incorrect Placements of Conversion Components
The biggest problem we have is the incompatibility or lack of conversion-based components. You can maximize the chance for a lead that comes your way when you are looking for a conversion opportunity.

14. Having An Inappropriate Header-to-Text Ratio
The usage of headers has been identified as the most frequent SEO mistake, with many websites having either too many or too few headers in comparison to the text body on the page.
For search engine optimization and user friendliness on the Web, the header-to-text ratio is crucial.

15. Failing to use Schema Tags or technical SEO
Instead of using schema tags and other technical SEO strategies to increase the exposure and objective presentation of their pages on search engine results pages (SERPs), the majority of brands extensively engage in keyword research and white hat SEO parameters and installs.

16. Not Having A Valid XML SitemapThe most frequent (and fixable) SEO mistake is not having a proper XML sitemap. A WordPress plugin can build a sitemap for you with ease.